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Plastic Reforms Article

Plastic Reforms

Regulators and lawmakers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to help Americans avoid “credit card hell.”

Tim Westrich

The State of Minorities Article
A crowd of job seekers joins a line of hundreds of people seeking to apply for employment at the M&M's World store in New York. (AP/Mark Lennihan)

The State of Minorities

Hispanic and African-American households are likely to suffer first and to suffer more in the current economic downturn, write Tim Westrich and Amanda Logan.

Amanda Logan, Tim Westrich

Credit Card Crash-Test Article

Credit Card Crash-Test

Every day, average American families' financial health is challenged on all fronts: fewer job opportunities, declining home values, and rising prices for necessities like health care, education and child care. With the prospect that gas could approach $4 per gallon this summer, many Americans' budgets will reach a breaking point. Too many families are only a layoff or medical emergency away from financial ruin.

Tim Westrich

Never Pay Another Overdraft Fee Article

Never Pay Another Overdraft Fee

New overdraft protection legislation will give Americans a clear choice about whether they want to pay fees to have their transactions covered.

Tim Westrich