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Science Next Article

Science Next

An essential guide to science policy from Jonathan Moreno and Rick Weiss.

Jonathan D. Moreno, Rick Weiss

Something Darwin Didn’t Know Article

Something Darwin Didn’t Know

Darwin's commitment to weighing the facts, even when the topic was an emotional one, would serve competing advocates of science and religion well as the world celebrates the great naturalist's 200th birthday today and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his "On the Origin of Species."

Rick Weiss

The “Patent Pending” Problem Article

The “Patent Pending” Problem

One million US patent applications are gathering dust today, waiting an average of three years to be examined and ruled upon. That's a problem because despite the widespread notion that patents are about greedy companies gaining monopoly rights, the patent system is primarily a tool of progressive policy making - of sharing information and advancing technology.

Rick Weiss

Gene-altered animals and food safety Article

Gene-altered animals and food safety

Perhaps you're still getting used to the idea that some of the meat, milk, and cheese you are eating may come from cloned cows or their offspring, a controversial culinary advance that the Food and Drug Administration green-lighted in January after deeming food from clones to be safe. Well, hurry up and swallow, because the next course is on its way.

Rick Weiss

New possibilities for stem cell research Article

New possibilities for stem cell research

As America struggles with such weighty issues as the war in Iraq, the foundering economy and the run-up to a historic presidential election, it may be difficult to recall that seven years ago this month the most wrenching issue facing the nation was human embryonic stem cell research.

Rick Weiss, Jonathan D. Moreno