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Fact Sheet: Paid Sick Days Article
Americans want a paid sick day policy. Three-quarters of adults support a policy<br />giving employees a minimum number of paid sick days and 90 percent of adults<br />support a specific proposal allowing up to seven paid sick days per year. (AP/ Richard Drew)

Fact Sheet: Paid Sick Days

Fact sheet by Jane Farrell and Joanna Venator explains the importance of paid sick days for U.S. employees and employers.

Jane Farrell, Joanna Venator

Fact Sheet: Workplace Flexibility Article
President Barack Obama speaks at the closing session of the 2010 Forum for Workplace Flexibility in Washington, D.C. Workplace flexibility is extremely important for low- and middle-income workers, who frequently have issues arranging for child care and elder care due to strict workplace policies.  (AP/Susan Walsh)

Fact Sheet: Workplace Flexibility

Fact sheet by Sarah Jane Glynn and Joanna Venator explains the importance of workplace flexibility for businesses and the economy.

Sarah Jane Glynn, Joanna Venator