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In Defense of SNAP Article
When Elizabeth Luna lost her job, she began receiving food stamps and learned how to use them. SNAP benefits are administered through an electronic debit system that works much like a debit card. (AP/David Runk)

In Defense of SNAP

Claims that SNAP is ripe with fraud and waste are misguided, writes Sarah Sherman.

Sarah Sherman

Fasting for Change Article
Ambassador Tony Hall, a former congressman and current executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger, announces the Hunger Fast at the National Press Club on Monday, March 28, 2011, in Washington, D.C. (Flickr/<a href=Bread for the World)" data-srcset=" 610w, 610w, 610w, 500w, 250w" data-sizes="auto" />

Fasting for Change

Sarah Sherman explains why this fasting campaign is gaining adherents by the day amid congressional efforts to cut spending on food and other assistance programs.

Sarah Sherman