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Defense Cuts After the Debt Deal Article
A U.S. naval submarine leaves Naval Station Pearl Harbor in Honolulu. The missing man sculpture at Hickam Air Force Base overlooks Naval Station Pearl Harbor. The bases, located next door to each other, were merged to be more efficient and to cut cost. The Pentagon identified $178 billion in savings from such efficiencies. (AP/Eugene Tanner)

Defense Cuts After the Debt Deal

Several organizations and individuals across the political spectrum have put out plans to reduce defense spending, and many of their suggested cuts overlap.

Lawrence J. Korb, Sam Klug, Alex Rothman

Misplaced Priorities in the F-35 Engine Debate Article
President Barack Obama, left, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, right, are fighting against Congress to rein in government spending on the alternate engine to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter plane, which Gates has called an “unnecessary and extravagant expense.” (AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Misplaced Priorities in the F-35 Engine Debate

A controversy over a wasteful piece of military spending distracts from a bigger issue at play in the negotiations over the National Defense Authorization Act, writes Sam Klug.

Sam Klug