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Is the Religious Right Losing Its Grip? Article
Evangelicals' openness to an alternative economic vision has fearful leaders such as James Dobson of Focus on the Family, pictured here, hardening their rhetoric and reviving old clichés that simply do not speak to the new economic reality. (AP/Gerald Herbert)

Is the Religious Right Losing Its Grip?

Social conservatives stick to free market rhetoric despite their slipping influence in tough economic times, writes Lester Feder.

Lester Feder

DC Muslims Embrace the Environment Article
Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, former Muslim Society of Washington president, was inspired in part by the DC Green Muslims to lead a group of DC-area mosques to take Muslim environmentalism “to the next level.” (Flickr/My Brother Godzilla)

DC Muslims Embrace the Environment

Lester Feder reports on one Muslim community that is embracing the tenets of the religion’s teachings about the earth.

Lester Feder

A Growing Climate Partnership Article

A Growing Climate Partnership

Several environmental organizations are increasing their outreach to religious communities, writes Lester Feder.

Lester Feder

Creation Care Article
The Messiah College booth at the Creation Festival in Mt. Union, PA on June 27, 2008. Messiah is one of several Christian colleges embracing the "creation care" movement, a form of environmentalism among evangelicals. (Flickr/megjones)

Creation Care

Growing numbers of younger evangelicals are turning to the earth in their quest to find God, writes Lester Feder.

Lester Feder

God on the Radio Article
A booth at the National Religious Broadcaster's Convention earlier this year. The Evangelical Environmental Network, an advocacy organization, was initially granted a spot but later denied permission to set up a booth. (Flickr/issisvs)

God on the Radio

The rejection of a Christian environmental organization from a religious broadcaster's convention points to continuing climate change denial in conservative evangelicals.

Lester Feder