Cassandra Q. Butts


The ID Divide Report
Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue holds up a proposed voter ID. Regulations such as laws requiring ID to vote, apply for jobs, open a bank account, and fly on a plane are squeezing Americans who find themselves on the wrong side of the ID Divide. (AP/Ric Feld)

The ID Divide

Report from Peter Swire and Cassandra Butts addresses the challenges of identification and authentication in American society.

Peter Swire, Cassandra Q. Butts

The ID Divide Article
Kim Tillman of Indianapolis cannot vote in Indiana because she does not have a state-issued photo identification. The rising use of ID systems should focus policy makers on the existence of a growing “ID divide” and the challenges it will present for  Americans. (AP/Michael Conroy)

The ID Divide

The recent Supreme Court ruling requiring voter ID in Indiana threatens voter disenfranchisement and highlights the growing “ID divide” in American society, write Cassandra Butts and Peter Swire.

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