Quality of Early Care and Education

Family-friendly policy solutions should respect the inherent values and rights of parents, infants, toddlers, children through 5 years of age, and the early education field. When families with young children don’t have the right to choose high-quality care and education experiences, children’s developmental health suffers alongside families’ economic stability and U.S. economic prosperity. The Early Childhood Policy team promotes progressive policies and strategies that support infant and toddler well-being as well as high-quality child care and early childhood education in state and local communities.


The U.S. Child Care Crisis Explained Video

The U.S. Child Care Crisis Explained

The lack of affordable and high-quality child care has disproportionately pushed women out of the workforce for decades. It is long past time for the United States to provide adequate, sustained funding and end the child care crisis.

Erin Robinson, Darya Nicol, Jasmine Hardy, 1 More Hai-Lam Phan