Performance Management


Executive Reorganization Report

Executive Reorganization

Harrison Wellford, Jitinder Kohli, and James Hairston on six lessons about executive reorganization the Obama administration could learn from the Carter era.

Harrison Wellford, Jitinder Kohli, James Hairston

Performance Reviews That Work Report
The Federal Aviation Administration has been conducting performance reviews in  some form since the early 1990s. (AP/Eugene Hoshiko)

Performance Reviews That Work

John Griffith and Gadi Dechter examine four successful performance review programs in the federal government.

John Griffith, Gadi Dechter

The Secret to Programs that Work Report
More than 80 percent of Americans think the federal budget process should be reformed so that spending decisions are based on what works, according to a 2010 Center for American Progress survey. This demands more prominent consideration during the design phase about whether a new program is likely to work. (iStockphoto/Professor25)

The Secret to Programs that Work

Jitinder Kohli, William D. Eggers, and John Griffith lay out a system for designing and evaluating effective government programs.

Jitinder Kohli, William D. Eggers, John Griffith

Golden Goals for Government Performance Report
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell delivers his State of the Commonwealth Address before a joint session of the Virginia General Assembly in the House chambers at the Capitol in Richmond, VA, January 18, 2010. Greater clarity about what government is trying to achieve leads agencies and those who work in them to focus much more on doing what works to accomplish those goals. (AP/Scott K. Brown)

Golden Goals for Government Performance

Report from Jitinder Kohli sets out a federal government performance model based on an analysis of what works at five different governments on three continents.

Jitinder Kohli