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Fair Play Report
A teacher plays softball with a group of students, May 2019. (Getty/Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald)

Fair Play

Despite recent legislative pushback, schools across the country are recognizing the important benefits of equal participation in sports for all young people, including transgender youth.

Shoshana K. Goldberg

Redefining Rural America Report
SUNNY SOUTH, AL-NOV 01: Just Northwest of Sunny South is Sweet Water, Alabama. Locals can be counted on to attend the Friday night football games. Though the area is poor, it's hoped that the opening of factories such as Golden Dragon can help boost the local economy. Alabama state and local officials lobbied to convince the Chinese-owned Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group (they make copper tubing for air conditioners) to move to Wilcox County Alabama, where jobs were desperately needed. The plant, near the town of Sunny South now employs about 200 workers with some mixed results. (Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Redefining Rural America

The United States must build an inclusive narrative of rural communities.

Olugbenga Ajilore, Caius Z. Willingham

Momentum Is Building to Modernize Sex Education Report
Students walk through the hallway after classes were dismissed at Senn High School on May 10, 2017. (Getty/ Joshua Lott)

Momentum Is Building to Modernize Sex Education

Over the past year, eight states have updated their sex education standards, and seven more states have advanced legislation to do so as well.

Catherine Brown, Abby Quirk

Protecting Basic Living Standards for LGBTQ People Report
A transgender father holds his 1-year-old daughter on her birthday, March 2017, in Michigan. (Getty/JJ Fabre)

Protecting Basic Living Standards for LGBTQ People

New data show that nutrition and housing assistance, Medicaid, and unemployment benefits are critical to LGBTQ people’s economic security.

Caitlin Rooney, Charlie Whittington, Laura E. Durso

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