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Leveraging U.S. Power in the Middle East Report
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's photograph of the Nile River from space in September 2015. (NASA)

Leveraging U.S. Power in the Middle East

The next U.S. administration should advance a long-term affirmative agenda that deepens engagement with long-standing partners, builds a new framework for regional cooperation, and utilizes America’s unique leverage and assets to advance U.S. interests and values.

the CAP Middle East Team

Next Steps in Libya Report
Libyan revolutionary supporters react as Libyan Transitional National Council Chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil speaks in Tripoli, Libya, September 12, 2011. (AP/Francois Mori)

Next Steps in Libya

Libya’s problems are legion, but establishing a single government and creating a more secure environment are the first orders of business to build a functioning Libyan state and economy.

William Danvers

After Liberation Report
Iraqi security forces enter the al-Julan neighborhood after defeating Islamic State militants in Fallujah, Iraq, on June 26, 2016. (Associated Press)

After Liberation

If the U.S. investment in military operations in Iraq is to pay lasting dividends and set the scene for long-term success in the region, it must be accompanied by stabilization efforts in areas liberated from the Islamic State.

Hardin Lang, Muath Al Wari

Turkey at the Heart of the Storm Report
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu shakes hands with European Council President Donald Tusk during a joint news conference in Gaziantep, Turkey, on April 23, 2016. (AP/Lefteris Pitarakis)

Turkey at the Heart of the Storm

While the European Union grapples with a refugee crisis and the United States leads the charge against the Islamic State, only Turkey is on the front lines of both crises.

E. Fuat Keyman

The Flow of Foreign Fighters to the Islamic State Report
Islamic State militants pass by a convoy in Tel Abyad, northeast Syria, May 2015, in an AP-verified photo from a militant website. (Militant website via AP)

The Flow of Foreign Fighters to the Islamic State

Addressing the problem of IS foreign fighters will require an approach that does not prioritize short-term crisis responses over long-term solutions—the foundation of which begins with placing equal urgency on both the source and the destination.

Hardin Lang, Muath Al Wari

After the Paris Attacks Report
Kurdish fighters take up positions to fight ISIS militants in Kobani, Syria, on November 1, 2014. (AP/Jake Simkin)

After the Paris Attacks

To turn the tide against ISIS, America needs to step up its military and diplomatic campaign and reject voices calling for the country to turn against refugees and Muslims.

Vikram Singh, Ken Gude, Peter Juul, 3 More William F. Wechsler, Hardin Lang, Brian Katulis

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