Income Inequality


Trade and Race Report
 (United Auto Workers members hold a prayer vigil at the General Motors plant in Warren, Michigan, where almost 300 workers will be laid off, February 2019.)

Trade and Race

Lawmakers should center black communities when considering the fall of manufacturing and the role of trade policy in mitigating negative employment effects.

Daniella Zessoules

A Quality Education for Every Child Report
Fifth and sixth grade students warm up for class at an elementary school in Washington, D.C., October 2012. (Getty/The Washington Post/Astrid Riecken)

A Quality Education for Every Child

The time is now for policymakers to take a bold and comprehensive approach to K-12 education.

Scott Sargrad, Khalilah M. Harris, Lisette Partelow, 2 More Neil Campbell, Laura Jimenez

Ending Special Tax Treatment for the Very Wealthy Report

Ending Special Tax Treatment for the Very Wealthy

The U.S. tax system has played a significant role in the growth of economic inequality by failing to tax those with extreme wealth—but there are ways to rebalance the tax code and put the economy on a better track.

Alexandra Thornton, Galen Hendricks

Wage Gaps and Outcomes in Apprenticeship Programs Report
Apprentice Lacie Cudden, age 17, makes tools at a shipyard where she is learning traditional ship-building skills on December 5, 2008.

Wage Gaps and Outcomes in Apprenticeship Programs

A closer look at regional differences in apprenticeship programs spotlights the disparate outcomes that result from place, race, and gender and how these interact to exacerbate pay inequities.

Daniella Zessoules, Olugbenga Ajilore

Isolated and Segregated Report

Isolated and Segregated

Far too many school districts are intensely segregated by income and socioeconomic status, but Americans are largely in support of change.

Ulrich Boser, Perpetual Baffour

Long-Termism or Lemons Report
Specialist Gregg Maloney works at his post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on October 13, 2015. (AP/Richard Drew)

Long-Termism or Lemons

Corporate America’s growing focus on short-term profits instead of long-term value hurts shareholders and the middle class alike. Here is an agenda to nudge markets to focus on the long term.

Marc Jarsulic, Brendan Duke, Michael Madowitz

To Fight Inequality, Support Women’s Work Report
Job seekers make their way through the large crowd at the Women For Hire Career Expo in New York City in 2009. (AP/Seth Wenig)

To Fight Inequality, Support Women’s Work

Policies that give all women an equal shot at staying employed are essential tools in fighting income inequality.

Judith Warner

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