Election 2020


America’s Electoral Future Report

America’s Electoral Future

The generational makeup of the United States will change dramatically in the future and that is projected to have potentially profound effects of future elections.

Rob Griffin, William H. Frey, Ruy Teixeira

Interactive: The First 100 Days Interactive
 (Photoillustration: Chester Hawkins)

Interactive: The First 100 Days

This interactive database features nearly 250 recommendations that the next administration can advance, adopt, and implement within the first 100 days to set the country on a path toward a more progressive national security approach.

the CAP National Security and International Policy Team

What Do Voters Want on Child Care Ahead of the 2020 Elections? Report
 (Children are dropped off at a day care in Queens, New York, during phase four of the city's reopening following the coronavirus pandemic, July 2020.)

What Do Voters Want on Child Care Ahead of the 2020 Elections?

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded existing challenges for many parents in finding and affording high quality child care. Subsequently, voters strongly support increased governmental steps to help parents care for their kids and continue to work.

John Halpin, Karl Agne, Nisha Jain

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