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Tell Facebook To Permanently Disable Trump’s Social Accounts. TODAY.

    Tell Facebook To Permanently Disable Trump's Social Accounts. TODAY.

    On January 7, we were so relieved to see that Facebook finally banned former President Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts. But now Trump's social media accounts are back up for debate.

    This week, the Facebook Oversight Board upheld the temporary ban on Trump's accounts, but it punted the final decision back to Facebook.

    Trump helped incite a deadly attack on the Capitol after months of incendiary, false statements about the 2020 election results. As for his influence, it's unmatched in American politics.

    Facebook took a first step in preventing future tragedies like the insurrection on January 6, but that's not enough.

    We need to stop Trump's hateful activities and disinformation campaign from ever returning.

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