Rights and Justice

Racial Equity and Justice

We promote systemic reforms to dismantle structural racial injustices, give everyone an equal opportunity to thrive, and ensure society benefits from our nation’s diversity.

A mural honoring people of peace is seen, realized in a Black district of Philadelphia as part of the "Mural Art Program" that began in 1984. (Getty/Frédéric Soltan/Corbis)

What We're Doing

Promote executive actions advancing racial equity and justice

We propose recommendations for federal, state, and local executive branches to adopt robust racial equity policies and ensure agencies are equipped to implement these policies effectively.

Develop a racial equity and justice legislative platform

We coalesce around and promote key legislative actions to garner tangible reforms during this Congress.

Cultivate private sector racial equity and justice initiatives

We partner with the private sector to champion solutions to address the root causes of racial wealth and opportunity gaps and strengthen the case for such solutions to be enacted and scaled by local, state, and federal leaders.

Change the conversation on racial equity and justice

We seek to fundamentally change Americans’ understanding of current and historic structural barriers that have long shut out communities of color from our economic, political, and social systems, building support for both long-term and systemic reforms.

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Recent work


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