Inclusive Growth

Poverty to Prosperity

We work to develop, protect, and expand vital policies that alleviate hardship and ensure economic stability for people nationwide.

A father hugs his son in the family RV, October 2020, in Phoenix, Arizona. (Getty/John Moore)

What We're Doing

Ensure an equitable recovery from COVID-19

The best opportunity we have to break the cycle of poverty is to make sure no one gets left behind now. To avoid a repeat of the slow recovery seen after the Great Recession, we are building support for race-conscious investments and policies that center those most affected by the pandemic.

Modernize and repair the safety net

The safety net underpins our economy, but it must provide sufficient and accessible support. We are working on ideas to address harsh restrictions in cash assistance programs while building pathways to broader access to housing, food, and other crucial supports at the state and federal level.

Reduce child poverty

The expanded child tax credit has already seen great success in reducing hardship among families with children in 2021, but we will fight to make it permanent alongside other policies to support families and children. 


Recent work

Partners & Coalitions

CAP’s Poverty to Prosperity team works with nonpartisan organizations and coalitions throughout the poverty policy space by coordinating research and advocacy efforts to sway public opinion and influence legislation that would help those in need. Some of the team’s closest partners are listed below.


These Interconnected Policies Would Sustain Families, Support Women, and Grow the Economy Article
Long-term caregivers and supporters rally in Los Angeles on July 13, 2021, for greater federal and local investment in the country's caregiving infrastructure as Congress debates the president's significant investment in quality home care. (Getty/Frederic J. Brown/AFP)

These Interconnected Policies Would Sustain Families, Support Women, and Grow the Economy

Together, the policies included in the Biden administration’s Build Back Better agenda would propel families’ and the country’s economic security by prioritizing child care, the child tax credit, paid family and medical leave, and good jobs that get Americans back to work.

Arohi Pathak, Diana Boesch, Laura Dallas McSorley

Rural Broadband Investments Promote an Inclusive Economy Article
Wheat grows in a field next to utility poles along a road in Maxatawny Township, Pennsylvania, June 2021. (Getty/Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle)

Rural Broadband Investments Promote an Inclusive Economy

For those in rural communities, especially low-income people and people of color, access to necessary high-quality internet will remain out of reach without government investment.

Caius Z. Willingham, Areeba Haider

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