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Inclusive Growth

Health Policy

We advance health coverage, health care access and affordability, public health and equity, and quality and efficiency in health care payment and delivery.

A health care professional measures a worker's blood pressure, 2005. (Getty/Smith Collection/Gado/Centers for Disease Control/CDC Connects)

What We're Doing

Expanding affordable health coverage

We are dedicated to bolstering affordable, high-quality health coverage options. By building on the Affordable Care Act, closing the Medicaid coverage gap, and developing progressive solutions for a world in which everyone can access care.

Advancing public health and equity

We are working to reduce health inequities and advance health in all communities that permeate the health care system at every level and foster disparate outcomes.

Lowering health costs for consumers

We are working to advance health in all communities and reduce health inequities that foster disparate outcomes. This includes addressing the significant vulnerabilities in our public health system to ensure that it is more resilient and ready to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and future health threats.”

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Featured work


How State and Local Leaders Can Prepare for Future COVID-19 Surges Article
A man gets a COVID-19 test at a testing hub at Penn Station in New York.

How State and Local Leaders Can Prepare for Future COVID-19 Surges

As COVID-19 wanes and governments relax public health measures, policymakers must closely monitor indicators that reflect prevalence and severity, precautions and protections, and treatment availability to maintain readiness for future surges and resume precautions as needed.

Jill Rosenthal

Comment on Georgia Access Model Section 1332 Waiver Article

Comment on Georgia Access Model Section 1332 Waiver

The Center for American Progress wrote a comment letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of the Treasury on the impact of changes in federal law and policy on the Georgia Access Model’s compliance with statutory guardrails.

Emily Gee, Natasha Murphy

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