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Business, Government, and Workers

Reimagining the social contract between government, corporations, and workers to produce more inclusive and more sustainable economic growth.

Worker wearing a bright yellow/neon visibility vest and a white protective helmet is standing on a white roof in profile, looking to the left side of the image. The background behind him is a blue sky with white clouds. At his feet is a solar panel in the process of being installed, along with some trailing wires.
A worker installs solar panels on a roof in Alexandria, Virginia, in May 2021. (Getty/Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP)

What We're Doing


Aligning corporations and financial markets with the public interest and ensuring that all corporations are playing by the same rules. Our team focuses on strengthening financial regulations and matters of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).


Supporting a progressive recovery, American industries, and supply chains are all crucial to creating a stronger and more inclusive economy. Our team examines the progress being made toward an equitable economic recovery and advocates for policies that promote wealth-building by all.


Working to encourage the growth of union memberships and facilitating sectoral bargaining. Our efforts focus on executive and administrative reforms, modernizing union and labor laws, and building power for workers at all levels of government.

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Recent Work

Partners & Coalitions

The Business, Government, and Workers team is committed to producing robust investments in people, jobs, physical capital, and the environment to achieve more inclusive and sustainable growth. We partner with experts from different fields and walks of life to ensure our efforts help create an economy that works for all.


Colorado’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule for Surface Transportation Offers a Model for Other States and the Nation Report
Eastbound traffic is pictured on I-70 in Colorado.

Colorado’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule for Surface Transportation Offers a Model for Other States and the Nation

Colorado’s statewide greenhouse gas emissions reduction mandate, and the associated planning rule from the state department of transportation, offers a model for how to effectively incorporate climate change mitigation into surface transportation planning and project selection.

Kevin DeGood, Michela Zonta

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