NFL Negotiations 101

Casey Gerald and David Madland explain the NFL player-owner labor contract dispute—what issues are at stake and what will happen if there‚Äôs no agreement.



Post-Superbowl Strategies

The Colts-Saints matchup should be an exciting championship game, but the labor negotiations to follow will be educational for all Americans, writes David Madland.


Ask the Expert: NFL Contracts and American Workers

David Madland discusses the NFL player-owner dispute: what it means for football, how NFL contracts compare to workers' contracts, and what we can learn from the negotiations.


Why Unions Matter to Hispanics

As the economy flounders, the rights of workers have never been more imperiled, writes Karla Walter in Poder magazine.


Card Check: Unions’ Salvation?

Supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act say the bill's passage would go a long way toward reversing the decline in union membership. The bill's opponents say the real reason for the decline of unions is that workers simply don't want to join them. Read more here.


Big Labor’s Expectations of Obama

What should we expect from the Obama administration on labor unions? Previously, David Madland and Shikha Dalmia debated the impact unions have on ailing U.S. automakers and whether the trend of declining union membership will reverse. Karla Walter is writing in Madland's place today. Read more here.


After the U.S. Recovers, Will Unions?

With U.S. manufacturing jobs on the decline, what will American labor unions look like in the future? What sectors of the U.S. economy should we expect to be heavily unionized? Read more here.