The White House Immigration Framework Hurts Women

The White House's immigration proposal-put into legislation by Sen. Chuck Grassley-would particularly disadvantage women seeking to come to the United States.



Trump’s Budget Proposes More Than $200 Billion in Cuts to Students

President Trump's tax cuts rewarded people born into wealth. Now he wants to pay for it by making it harder for millions of low- and middle-income Americans to afford college.



Cracking the Shell

Donald Trump's finances are almost hopelessly opaque, exacerbating concerns that the wealthiest president in American history—and the first in decades not to meaningfully divest from his business holdings—may be even more financially compromised than is already thought, and in ways that may impact his decisions in office.



Trump’s Budget Reveals that He Wants Everyday Americans to Pay for His Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

The president's budget pays for his tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations by slashing health care, education, and other critical investments.



6 Things to Watch for in Trump’s Infrastructure Scam

Trump's infrastructure policy won't support meaningful job creation or necessary updates to American infrastructure, but it will lead to dirtier air and water and may jeopardize programs that many working families rely on.



Blackness Is Its Own Thing

Michele and Igor speak with Melissa Harris-Perry and DeRay Mckesson, two prolific leaders who are changing the world we live in, about topics ranging from black women's place in the #MeToo movement to America's treatment of Colin Kaepernick, and everything in between.