Time to Act on Russia Sanctions

Nearly six months since the intelligence community concluded that Russia interfered in our democracy, nothing has been done. Now Congress has a chance to step up.



The Best of the Best

President Donald Trump has put 22 of America’s most scientifically important national parks and monuments at risk.



Coverage Losses Under the Senate Health Care Bill Could Result in 18,100 to 27,700 Additional Deaths in 2026

One Republican member of Congress, defending the GOP health care plan—the American Health Care Act (AHCA)—suggested that concerns that the loss of health care coverage leads to death are overblown. However, the scientific literature on the effects of insurance coverage on mortality shows that the coverage losses from the AHCA would result in tens of...



The Right Way to ‘Send in the Feds’

The Trump administration must help states take advantage of the federal government’s limited, unique resources to emphasize crime prevention, instead of just promoting and enabling the ramp-up of arrests and incarcerations.