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Ryan Budget

How the Ryan Budget Fails Our Economy by Failing Economics

article icon Issue Brief The conservative economic framework at the core of the Ryan budget remains stuck on supply-side and trickle-down theories that have been discredited and are out of touch with today’s economy.

The Disinvestment Budget: Government Investments to Improve Our Economic Future Would be Crushed Under the Recently Passed House Budget

Federal spending on infrastructure, scientific research, early childhood education, disease treatment, space exploration, and college tuition could be slashed by nearly half over the next decade.

Ryan budget

Ryan Budget Abandons Innovation Future

At a time when federal research and development, or R&D, investment is stagnating, significant new contributions must be made to secure our continued global leadership in R&D. Rep. Ryan’s budget does just the opposite, significantly reducing the federal government’s commitment to it.

Retirement home

Should the Ryan Budget Worry Seniors?

By circumventing a Congressional Budget Office scoring, Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan may have an even bigger downside for retirees than many have predicted.

Rep. Paul Ryan

The Ryan Budget Is a Broken Record of Failed Trickle-Down Economics

This year’s Ryan budget once again slashes middle-class investments and the social safety net in order to continue giving tax breaks to millionaires, corporations, and Big Oil.

Paul Ryan

The Ryan Budget Once Again Hurts Communities of Color

For the fourth straight year, Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget leaves communities of color behind in order to protect tax breaks for millionaires, Big Oil and big corporations.

Fiscal Year 2015 Ryan Budget by the Numbers

article icon Fact Sheet The Ryan budget once again undermines America’s long-term economic future by cutting essential infrastructure programs that support job growth, trade, and the efficient movement of people and goods.

Paul Ryan

The Safety Net Is Good Economic Policy

article icon Issue Brief Economic research shows that the safety net reduces poverty and boosts mobility.

House Republican budget

Ryan Budget 101: The 10 Worst Things About the House Republican Budget

Clearly, with their latest budget plan, House Republicans fail to understand that simply restating bad ideas doesn’t make them any better.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

New Ryan Budget Cuts Investments in America’s Future

article icon Issue Brief The new House Republican budget proposes steep cuts in both public and private investment.

Senior in doctor's office

The Ryan Budget Includes Devastating Health Care Cost Increases for Seniors—Again

The latest House Republican budget resolution’s treatment of Medicare will result in higher annual premiums for seniors and increasingly unaffordable health care costs in retirement.

Marty Robertson, Bernadette Winko

How the Ryan Budget Impacts Seniors

The latest House Republican budget is an assault on seniors—from the health care and prescription drugs they need to stay healthy, to the care they need in their twilight years, to the very meals they eat.

Gas prices

Meet the New Oil Tax Breaks, Same as the Old Oil Tax Breaks

Rep. Paul Ryan’s FY 2014 budget apparently retains 100 years of tax breaks for Big Oil and gives them new ones from the Romney budget plan.

Rep. Paul Ryan

Rep. Ryan Needs to Learn Something (Anything!) About Clean Energy

Here are three facts about clean energy that you would never know from reading Rep. Paul Ryan’s latest budget proposal.

Improving Economic Opportunity

article icon Issue Brief Successful anti-poverty solutions should be coordinated in a way that meets the needs of families and should build upon lessons learned from successful programs across the country. Efforts to improve the safety net should also be paired with broader reforms and investments to tackle the root causes of poverty.

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