International Justice on Trial?

International justice is at a critical crossroads, offering a perfect moment to examine its key accomplishments, shortcomings, and challenges moving forward.


The Way Forward on North Korea: Explained

It is often difficult to figure out what to make of recent developments on North Korea and what the United States should do next; these one-pagers help you to understand the policy debate and where the United States should go from here.



Trump’s Defense Budget

President Trump has proposed an unnecessarily large increase in the defense budget that will actually weaken national security.



Five Pillars of an Enduring U.S.-India Partnership

U.S.-India task force co-chairs, former Indian Ambassador to the United States Nirupama Rao and former U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma, discuss the five greatest opportunities and challenges facing the partnership in the coming decade.


Cracking the Shell: Trump and the Corrupting Potential of Furtive Russian Money

Donald Trump's finances are almost hopelessly opaque, exacerbating concerns that the wealthiest president in American history—and the first in decades not to meaningfully divest from his business holdings—may be even more financially compromised than is already thought, and in ways that may impact his decisions in office.



Is Turkey Experiencing a New Nationalism?

A new CAP study finds broad consensus among Turks about the dimensions of Turkish national identity and the nation's relationship to the rest of the world.



Mutually Assured Destruction in the Era of Trump

Michele and Igor speak with Daniel Ellsberg, most notable for leaking the Pentagon Papers in 1971, as well as Michael Fuchs about the U.S. nuclear arsenal and President Trump's sudden reversal on his pick of Victor Cha to be the U.S. envoy to South Korea.



Asia Doesn’t Need Another Crisis

Following Taiwan’s 2016 elections, Beijing has chosen the path of provocation in cross-Strait relations, undermining East Asia’s already fragile peace.