Filling in the Map: The Need for LGBT Data Collection

Federally supported population surveys need to keep up with the growing visibility of LGBT issues by beginning to routinely collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity.



Building a More Inclusive National Park System for All Americans

Congress and the president should work to conserve places that better reflect America’s diverse population and help engage new generations to visit and explore their shared heritage and resources.



Humanitarian Diplomacy

CAP data analysis provides insights into the challenges that LGBT people seeking asylum in the United States face and underscores the need for the government to collect sexual orientation and gender identity data.



Restoring Justice

Several states and local jurisdictions have updated their juvenile justice policies to ensure that the disproportionate numbers of LGBT youth in the juvenile justice system are treated with dignity and respect. These model policies provide a blueprint for safeguarding all youth in the juvenile justice system.



Fostering Safety

The risk of sexual assault and abuse of young lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender immigrants in U.S. custody demands swift implementation of stronger protections.


A Roadmap for Change: Federal Policy Recommendations for Addressing the Criminalization of LGBT People and People Living with HIV

Co-authored by CAP's Aisha-Moodie Millis, this report provides an extensive outline of policy measures that federal agencies can adopt to address the pervasive discrimination that LGBT people and people living with HIV face at all stages of the criminal legal system.

A Roadmap for Change: Foreword

CeCe McDonald experienced the oppressive system of America’s harsh prison environment firsthand when she was imprisoned for standing her ground against an attacker. Recently released, CeCe has become a champion for criminal justice reform.

A Roadmap for Change: Preface

Ben Jealous discusses why civil right leaders, labor, and LGBT leaders must join together to tackle problems at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and criminal justice.