The Importance of Paid Leave for Caregivers

Comprehensive paid family and medical leave not only helps workers care for their families but keeps them in the labor force, thus boosting the entire U.S. economy.



Family and Medical Leave Insurance

We need to establish a national family and medical leave insurance program that addresses the realities of our current workforce.


Ensuring Low-Wage Workers Also ‘Benefit’ from Benefits

While the Family and Medical Leave Act was an important first step to help workers manage their commitments to both their employers and their families, there is still work to be done, especially for low-wage workers.


Our Working Nation in 2013

As President Obama enters his second term and as the 113th Congress convenes, this re-release of “Our Working Nation” takes a new look at how we can update our workplace policies to fully include women and men who combine work with family care.



Who Can Afford Unpaid Leave?

It is in our nation’s best interest to make sure that all of our workers can be productive members of our country’s workforce and also take care of their own health or the health of their loved ones.