The Gender Pay Gap Explained

Women in the United States only earn 78 cents to the dollar compared with men. But there is a lot of confusion about this number. What does it really mean? And where did it come from?


Interactive: The Game of Wages

This interactive infographic shows how the gender wage gap manifests itself for two hardworking Americans.


The Higher The Pay, The Higher The Pay Gap

As a society we need to fight for equal pay at all levels, including in the upper hierarchies of the more selective and competitive jobs. Great strides for equal pay have already been made, but the problem isn’t solved at "good enough."


How Pay Inequity Hurts Women of Color

With women being the breadwinners in a growing number of families, pay equity isn’t only a basic right, it is an economic necessity—particularly for women of color.



Unequal Pay Day for Immigrant Women

Numbers show that immigrant women are disproportionally impacted by unequal pay.