The Million Dollar Judges of 2014

Spending on judicial elections reached $15 million in 2014—a record for a midterm election—fueled by money from attorneys and corporate litigants.



The Battle to Protect the Vote

This report analyzes the impact of new voting restrictions in the 2014 midterm elections, with a focus on five states that have seen recent significant increases in population and political participation in communities of color.



For President Obama, It Is All About Veto Power Now

The new Congress that will begin in January will likely mean a broad assault on public lands conservation. President Obama should follow the lead of former President Clinton and wield the veto pen.



10 Facts You Need to Know About Latinos and Immigration in Colorado

The economic, social, and political power of Latinos in Colorado is significant and growing. Immigration reform is a critical issue to Latinos, and it will play a critical role in the state’s Senate and House races.



Health Care that Heals

Pope Francis teaches that access to comprehensive health care, which acknowledges the dignity of the whole person at each stage of life, is necessary to build a more just world.