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Planning for the Future in an Uncertain Economy

This week, Ed sits down with CAP Senior Economist Gbenga Ajilore to discuss warning signs in the economy, what they might mean, as well as some of the contributing factors.



Systematic Inequality and Economic Opportunity

Eliminating racial disparities in economic well-being requires long-term, targeted interventions to expand access to opportunity for people of color.



Taking Stock of Spending Through the Tax Code

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which gave the largest tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, also failed to address the inefficiency, lack of fairness, and cost of many spending programs administered through the tax code.



Trade and Race

Lawmakers should center black communities when considering the fall of manufacturing and the role of trade policy in mitigating negative employment effects.



Racial Disparities in Home Appreciation

Segregation and racial disparities in home appreciation put African Americans at a disadvantage in their ability to build equity and accumulate wealth.



Ending Special Tax Treatment for the Very Wealthy

The U.S. tax system has played a significant role in the growth of economic inequality by failing to tax those with extreme wealth—but there are ways to rebalance the tax code and put the economy on a better track.


Darrick Hamilton: The Blueprint for a Better Society

This week, Daniella and Ed speak with Darrick Hamilton, executive director of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University, to discuss the U.S. economy, inequality, and reparations.


CAP Ideas 2019: Creating an All-In Economy

Sen. Jeff Merkley, Darrick Hamilton, and Betsey Stevenson sit down at the 2019 CAP Ideas Conference to talk about inclusive and forward-thinking economics as a means to heal the divides in our country.



A Fair Deal for Farmers

Through an analysis of two agricultural markets, this report illuminates the concerning trend of corporate consolidation in agriculture—and the damaging impact this trend has on independent family farms.


Forced Arbitration: What You Need To Know

Forced arbitration agreements make it harder for workers and consumers to challenge predatory practices, wage theft, and discrimination.