We Will Not Cower, Jeff Sessions

Michele and Igor chat with Sacramento, California, Mayor Darrell Steinberg about protecting California's sanctuary state laws in the face of the Justice Department lawsuit.



We Cannot Wait Until February 8

This week, Michele is joined by Emily Tisch Sussman and a panel of women who discuss protest movements across the country.



A Shithole Place Called Racism

This week Michele and Igor chat with two CAP colleagues and discuss the history and context behind the United States' racist immigration policies and Donald Trump's discriminatory behavior.



The Year That Was

On this episode of Thinking CAP, Michele and Igor break down the year that was 2017.


BONUS EPISODE: A Bulwark Against Trump in California

This week, Michele and Igor sit down with California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León to discuss how California is fighting back against the current administration.


Underwater Dreams

Underwater Dreams, narrated by Michael Peña, chronicles the epic story of four teenage boys from the desert who built an underwater robot from Home Depot parts, and went up against engineering powerhouse MIT in the process. This is how it transpired. Two energetic high school science teachers, on a whim, decided to enter their high school into a sophisticated underwater competition sponsored by NASA, among others. Only four boys, all undocumented, signed up for the team. Short on money, all they could afford was PVC pipe. And some duct tape.

Landmark E Street Cinema, E Street between 10th and 11th Streets, NW, (entrance on E Street between 10th and 11th Street), Washington, DC, 20005


DREAMing of Economic Growth

Passing the DREAM Act would lead to a cascade of economic gains for all Americans.