More Work Needed to Sustain Progress on DACA Renewals

New USCIS data show that more people are applying for and receiving DACA renewals, but USCIS and advocates can do more to make sure Dreamers are protected.


Dreams Deferred: A Look at DACA Renewals and Losses Post-March 5

Many Dreamers remain unable to access DACA today, and many DACA recipients still may lose or experience lapses in protection in the months ahead, making them vulnerable to detention and deportation.



The Year That Was

On this episode of Thinking CAP, Michele and Igor break down the year that was 2017.



What Ending DACA Means for LGBTQ Dreamers

DACA has allowed thousands of LGBT immigrants improve their economic security and pursue higher education. They could lose protection under President Trump’s elimination of the program and risk being deported to countries where their lives are at risk.



The Economic Benefits of Passing the Dream Act

Passing the Dream Act and putting young unauthorized immigrants on a pathway to citizenship would bring substantial benefits for the U.S. economy.



The Real Story Behind the Dream Act

Michele and Igor sit down with Angela Maria Kelley, former senior adviser for immigration policy in the Obama White House, to get an inside look into the fight thus far for Dreamers.


BONUS EPISODE: My Fate Is in Your Hands, Mr. Trump

This week, Igor speaks with Juan Escalante, a DREAMer and DACA recipient at risk of losing his status if President Trump decides to rescind the program.