Ending the War on Drugs: By the Numbers

Researchers and policymakers alike agree that the war on drugs is a failure. Policymakers must replace the war on drugs with a fairer, more effective model that treats substance misuse as a public health issue—not a criminal justice issue.



Voters Across Party Lines Support Clean Slate Legislation

Voters overwhelmingly support clean slate legislation to automatically seal records for nonviolent crimes and marijuana possession. Support also crosses party and demographic lines for legalization of marijuana.



New Jersey’s Gov. Phil Murphy on Resisting Trump

Michele and Igor speak with New Jersey Gov. Murphy about the progress his state has made, as well as with CAP Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy Ben Olinsky about some of CAP's big policy ideas.



Locking Up Our Own

Michele and Igor sit down with James Forman Jr., a public defender and author, and discuss the touch-on-crime policies that resulted in disproportionate numbers of black men in prison.



Mass Incarceration, Stress, and Black Infant Mortality

The system of mass incarceration is perhaps the clearest manifestation of structural racism in the United States—with particularly damaging effects for black women and infants.



Bold Ideas for State Action

Americans are ready for states—the laboratories of democracy—to offer a new progressive vision for shared prosperity. This report presents a menu of state policy priorities to help people secure good jobs and good wages and to support strong and healthy communities in which all people are treated fairly and equitably.



How 287(g) Agreements Harm Public Safety

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says that 287(g) agreements promote public safety and are in the best interest of the local community, but a closer look shows otherwise.


Second Chance Cities: Local Efforts to Promote Re-Entry Success

In honor of Second Chance Month, Prison Fellowship’s campaign to eliminate barriers to opportunity for justice-involved Americans, CAP is highlighting the range of approaches that cities have adopted to promote second chances for all of their residents.



How Cities Are Getting Smart on Second Chances

In an effort to break the cycle of incarceration, mayors across the country have been working to reform the criminal justice system.


News You Can Use: Research Roundup for Re-Entry Advocates

This fact sheet summarizes key research findings on the far-reaching consequences that even a minor criminal record can have on individuals, families, communities, and the economy, as well as research on policies designed to mitigate these consequences.