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CAP on the President's Climate Action Plan

On June 25, President Barack Obama introduced his Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, advance clean energy sources, and make the United States more resilient in the face of climate change. Here are our proposed next steps, described in this collection of columns and briefs.

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Next Steps to Reduce Methane Emissions from Landfills

The Obama administration’s recently released methane strategy is the latest step to address climate change, but additional action is required to reduce emissions of this powerful greenhouse gas.

5 More Items for President Obama’s Climate Change To-Do List

These five clean energy and public health priorities for the president's second term are vital to slowing climate change and building on the clean energy successes of the past year.

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The Clogged Carbon Sink: U.S. Public Lands Are the Source of 4.5 Times More Carbon Pollution Than They Can Absorb

Public lands can help solve the climate crisis rather than worsen it.

Superstorm Sandy

5 Assignments for the Task Force on Climate Preparedness

President Barack Obama’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness must identify federal disaster-recovery and resilience costs and the revenue to pay for them.

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The Interior Department Is Halfway to Its New Renewables Goal, But Hurdles Remain

The Obama administration is seeking to double production of clean energy from public lands, a vital front in the war on climate change.

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President Obama’s Resilience Plan Needs Federal Investments

The president and Congress should create a federal resilience fund for communities nationwide to invest in protection for people, homes, and businesses from future extreme weather events.

A Climate Action Plan for Affordable Multifamily Housing

Focusing on increasing the use of clean energy technologies in the affordable multifamily housing market would make families more secure and strengthen local economies.

Government Financing for Clean Energy

article icon Issue Brief The president should enlist all federal credit programs in the fight against climate change.

President Obama’s Plan for Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency in Federal Buildings

The president’s call to reduce the size of the federal government’s enormous energy-consumption footprint could significantly curb the effects of climate change and help secure a cleaner, more stable environment.

President Obama at Georgetown

What President Obama’s Climate Plan Means for the Ocean

The president’s major speech on climate change set the stage for policies that will improve the health of our planet, including the 71 percent of it that is covered by oceans.

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10 Essential Pollution Reduction and Public Health Measures in President Obama’s Climate Plan

The president’s comprehensive plan outlines steps to reduce U.S. pollution, better coordinate international efforts to solve the problem of climate change, and provide additional protection from the effects of climate change.

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Moving Forward on Reducing Carbon Pollution

The Obama administration has made great strides in addressing climate change, but much more must and can be done.