The First G-20 Fossil Fuel Subsidy Peer Review

The United States and China take the lead in identifying their own wasteful fossil fuel subsidies in a coordinated peer review.


Recalibrating U.S.-China Relations in Southeast Asia

More and more these days, Washington and Beijing often view their interactions in Southeast Asia through a competitive lens, leading to a potentially harmful dynamic in the region. Recognizing this reality, the Center for American Progress and the China Institutes for Contemporary International Relations engaged in a two-year joint research project to unearth areas of possible U.S.-China cooperation in Southeast Asia, including joint research trips to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Center for American Progress, 1333 H St. NW, 10th Floor, Washington, DC , 20005

The U.S. Presidential Election: The View from China

CAP Visiting Scholar Zhang Fan shares insights from her research on how the Chinese audience follows the U.S. presidential election and what they think about it.


Paris: The New Geopolitics of Climate Change

A series of recent climate pledges from developing countries has demonstrated that the geopolitics of climate action is shifting in the lead-up to the Paris climate agreement.