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Assessing China’s Energy and Climate Goals

Beijing recently released modest near-term climate targets that will make it more difficult for China to meet its own carbon neutrality goal—and for other nations to meet global climate stabilization goals.


5 Priorities for the U.S.-Japan Alliance in 2021

Over the coming year, new administrations in the United States and Japan must strengthen the alliance and reaffirm its value in Asia and beyond in order to tackle significant challenges.


Interactive: The First 100 Days

This interactive database features nearly 250 recommendations that the next administration can advance, adopt, and implement within the first 100 days to set the country on a path toward a more progressive national security approach.


How To Approach the North Korea Problem in 2020

In 2020, the United States must get creative about jump-starting diplomacy with North Korea while simultaneously repairing U.S. alliances—policies that will strengthen America’s position regardless of what North Korea does.


How to Support Democracy and Human Rights in Asia

As challenges to democracy and human rights in Asia grow, the United States must stick to its principles by acting early and often to stand up for universal values.


How to Create a Durable U.S.-South Korea Alliance

Progressive policymakers in Washington and Seoul need to work together to build a stronger U.S.-South Korea alliance that can advance shared interests, regardless of which political parties are in power.


The Time Is Right for a Deal With North Korea

The politics of negotiating with North Korea have changed—at least for the moment—and the United States and the international community should seize this opportunity to make progress before it disappears.