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Sustainable Security

John Podesta on the U.N. Post-2015 Development Agenda

play_alt icon Video In this video, Center for American Progress Chair John Podesta, who served on the U.N. High-Level Panel, discusses the panel's recommendations to eradicate poverty and transform world economies through sustainable development.

International War Crimes and Justice

cursor icon Interactive A slideshow from John Norris and Sarah Margon shows how many senior war criminals have been held accountable for their actions.

Libya’s Political Crisis and What the United States Can Do

play_alt icon Video Sarah Margon talks about Libya's political crisis, what the possible outcome could be, and how the United States can help.

Interactive Map: Foreign Aid Analysis Made Easy

cursor icon Interactive John Norris unveils our latest interactive feature on foreign aid reform based on his recent report.

Ask the Expert: Building a Better Security Budget

play_alt icon Video John Norris discusses why our current national security strategy unsustainable and how we can reform the defense budget while still keeping America safe.

Slideshow: Pakistan’s Internally Displaced People

cursor icon Interactive This slideshow shows powerful images of Pakistan's refugees, telling a story of the issues they're facing and the violence that displaced them.

Video: Sustainable Security in Action

play_alt icon Video Video documents a simulation where experts apply the sustainable security approach to foreign affairs to operations in Afghanistan.

Video: An Iraqi Refugee Story

play_alt icon Video Experts and Iraqis discuss the dangers that U.S.-affiliated Iraqis face and how to help them.

26 Million and Growing

cursor icon Interactive Interactive map shows the rising number of internally displaced persons worldwide, and Natalie Ondiak offers a three-step plan for addressing the issue.

What Is Sustainable Security?

play_alt icon Video Gayle Smith discusses the key concept of her new report, “In Search of Sustainable Security,” the first in a series of six reports that will provide analysis and recommendations for a new approach that combines national security, human security, and collective security.

Pursuing the Global Common Good

play_alt icon Video When is war justified? Is the use of torture ever acceptable? These are some of the issues in a new book by policy experts and faith leaders, published by the Center for American Progress.