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Interactive Feature: Economic Benefits of Closing Academic Achievement Gaps

Rising income inequality in the United States is exacerbating long-standing racial and ethnic gaps in, among other things, education outcomes. In order to close the academic achievement gap, we must address rising income inequality in America.


President Obama election night party, 2012

300 Million Engines of Growth

book_alt2 icon Report For America to lead innovation in the 21st century, we have to make sure that our people are skilled and educated, operating in an economic environment that is conducive to their success and that allows them to compete at home and abroad.


Immigration Is Changing the Political Landscape in Key States

article icon Issue Brief Supporting real immigration reform that contains a pathway to citizenship for our nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants is the only way to maintain electoral strength in the future.

DREAM Act rally

The Economic Benefits of Passing the DREAM Act

book_alt2 icon Report Passage of the DREAM Act would improve the American economy and contribute to the economic recovery and our future economic stability.