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Interactive Feature: Economic Benefits of Closing Academic Achievement Gaps

Rising income inequality in the United States is exacerbating long-standing racial and ethnic gaps in, among other things, education outcomes. In order to close the academic achievement gap, we must address rising income inequality in America.


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Denying Key Social Services to Immigrants on the Road to Citizenship Hurts Our Entire Nation

Curbing access to supports such as supplemental nutrition assistance and the earned income and child tax credits not only undermines economic security for millions of undocumented immigrants, but also denies potential economic gains to millions of Americans.

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Current and Estimated Future Immigration Based on the Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill

The immigration bill introduced by the bipartisan Senate “Gang of 8” will actually reduce the number of people entering the country each year.

Unequal Pay Day for Immigrant Women

bars icon Charts Numbers show that immigrant women are disproportionally impacted by unequal pay.

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America Should Leave the Creation of Permanent Underclasses in Its Past

Throughout our nation’s history, Congress has used the law to exclude groups of people from full U.S. citizenship. We shouldn’t allow it to make that mistake again with our nation’s undocumented immigrants.

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Immigrants Are Makers, Not Takers

Despite outlandish claims from immigration reform opponents, immigrants provide a net benefit to the American economy.

Immigration reform rally

Top 5 Reasons Why Citizenship Matters

More than permanent legal status, providing a path to citizenship would bolster the U.S. economy and society.