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Middle-Out Economics


Labor market

6 Policies to Combat Inequality

Six common-sense policies could help roll back economic inequality in America.

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Why President Obama’s Victory Is a Victory for the Middle Class

The president’s re-election means voters have agreed with the idea that an economy that works for everyone and that is built from the “middle out” is the correct path for our country.

Harkin Bill a Big Step Forward for Our Middle Class

David Madland details why the Rebuild America Act is a crucial and comprehensive piece of legislation for restoring broad-based prosperity and sustained economic growth.

Ties that Bind

David Madland and Nick Bunker explain why rebuilding the American middle class is an important step toward rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

Rebuilding Our Middle Class

Gadi Dechter and Michael Ettlinger analyze the president’s forceful defense of the middle class as our economy’s engine of economic growth and prosperity.

The Top 10 Middle-Class Acts of Congress

Congress would do well to reflect on passage of key middle-class legislation as it considers how to strengthen our economy, writes Nick Bunker.

A Sweet 16 to Build a Strong Middle Class

Karla Walter presents 16 ideas for the middle class that aren’t part of the national debate but should be.

President Obama’s Bridge to a Better Economy

Michael Ettlinger details the two policy threads that define the president’s approach toward immediate but also sustainable economic recovery in 2012.

The Middle Class Grows the Economy, Not the Rich

David Madland shows how a strong middle class is the key to higher GDP—not giving more money to the wealthy and hoping it trickles down.

A Strong Middle Class Is Key to Getting Our Economy Moving

Michael Ettlinger explains why a growing and prosperous middle class was and is the prerequisite to strong and sustainable economic growth.

Economic Inequality Is Not Sustainable

Heather Boushey examines why growing income inequality helped boost the wealth of the few and how reversing course is imperative to our nation’s economic well-being.

The Legitimate Gripes of the Other 99 Percent

Gadi Dechter mines the diverse voices of the 99 Percent Movement and finds it united against mounting inequality, shrinking mobility, an unfair tax code, democracy corrupted by money, and bailouts for the rich without protections for the middle class.