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Just Jobs Index 2013 Report
Demonstrators march in central London, Saturday, March 28, 2009. (AP/Akira Suemori)

Just Jobs Index 2013

The Just Jobs Index assesses the nature and extent of fair jobs at a country level and creates a vivid picture of work opportunities, income and employment security, and equality of treatment and working conditions.

The Path to a Successful Economic Transition in Egypt Report
The United States' role in helping create an economic environment that is conducive to the creation of good jobs in Egypt is now more important than ever. (AP/Ben Curtis)

The Path to a Successful Economic Transition in Egypt

Sabina Dewan, James Hairston, and Jordan Bernhardt contend that the United States must make Egypt’s economy the focus of its assistance to the country.

Sabina Dewan, James Hairston, Jordan Bernhardt

Beyond Moral Justification Report
The recent economic crisis makes it even more challenging for developing countries to achieve gender parity—when men and women have equal access to economic opportunity and outcomes in education, in the transition from school to work, and in the labor market. (AP/Kent Gilbert)

Beyond Moral Justification

Isha Vij and Sabina Dewan examine the importance of delivering just jobs to women.

Isha Vij, Sabina Dewan

Social Protection Is a Necessity, Not a Privilege Report
Workers take notes from a lob-listing board in the Phillipines. (AP/Pat Roque)

Social Protection Is a Necessity, Not a Privilege

The Great Recession highlights deficiencies in social protection systems that should be in place to promote broad-based economic growth.

Sabina Dewan

Bringing Coherence to the Promotion of Just Jobs Report
With 212 million people unemployed around the globe, the most pressing item on the global economic agenda must be the creation of just jobs. (iStockphoto)

Bringing Coherence to the Promotion of Just Jobs

Developed and developing countries alike must get behind an agenda that focuses on the creation of “just jobs” for the global economy.

Sabina Dewan

Just Jobs Report
A Chinese factory worker mans the assembly line at DaimlerChrysler's first factory in Beijing. To have a well-functioning economy people need jobs that allow them to work in acceptable working conditions, with appropriate protections and compensation, and with the right to organize and bargain collectively. (AP/Elizabeth Dalziel)

Just Jobs

John Podesta and Sabina Dewan introduce Just Jobs, a new Center for American Progress program.

John Podesta, Sabina Dewan

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