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Doing What Works

Government Reform

Washington State Shows What Works

Kristina Costa explores the state’s telling investment in an institute that judges the effectiveness of programs for beneficiaries and taxpayers.

Finding ‘What Works’ in Education

Kristina Costa explores “what works” platforms in education, pointing out their current limitations and also their importance in times of tight budgets.

Doing What Doesn’t Work

Jitinder Kohli outlines the importance of government agencies focusing resources on programs that work, not ones like this criminal-justice program run amok.

Five Canards About Job-Killing Regulations

Kristina Costa and Michael Linden point out the absurdities in conservative arguments that regulations are holding back our economy, not lack of demand.

When Words Get in the Way

book_alt2 icon Report Gadi Dechter explains new SEC disclosure rules and what steps can be made toward improving them.

A Better, More Diverse Senior Executive Service in 2050

book_alt2 icon Report Jitinder Kohli, John Gans, and James Hairston on the need for action to address the diversity gap in the Senior Executive Service.

Administration Should Seize Momentum on U.S. Open Government “Action Plan”

Gadi Dechter recommends that the Obama administration move on its recent initiatives after urging the U.N. General Assembly to "harness the power of open societies."

Conservative Health and Safety Bull’s Eyes by the Numbers

House conservatives’ claim that 10 rules are preventing job growth falls apart when you look at the numbers, writes Kristina Costa. But the consequences are clear.

July 21 Is Consumers’ Independence Day

The new “cop on the beat” for consumers of financial products faces more challenges ahead, but it’s a fight worth having, argues Gadi Dechter.

Reviewing What Works

The Center for American Progress has developed a performance review process that helps the government undertake a systematic review of spending programs and tax expenditures.

Don’t Close Open-Government Sites

Pratap Chatterjee reports on how slashed funding for important transparency initiatives risks harming government efficiency.

Building on a Successful

The Obama administration’s new Campaign to Cut Waste promises to build on the successes of the 2009 Recovery Act and usher in a new era of transparency and accountability over government spending, write Julia Kantor and Sam Ungar.

Executive Reorganization

article icon Issue Brief Harrison Wellford, Jitinder Kohli, and James Hairston on six lessons about executive reorganization the Obama administration could learn from the Carter era.

An Hour with the Secretary

James Hairston and Jitinder Kohli discuss how agencywide town halls at HUD improve communication, connect offices across the country, and hold senior leadership accountable.

Bay State Takes Lead in Innovation Finance

Kristina Costa takes a look at the first state to pursue an innovative idea that could transform the way social programs are financed.