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STATEMENT: Tracy Stone-Manning Will Be a Leader and Partner for Rural and Tribal Communities at BLM

Washington, D.C. — Today, the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted on the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to lead the Bureau of Land Management. In response, Center for American Progress Senior Fellow Mark Haggerty released the following statement:

Living in Montana, I first met Tracy Stone-Manning as she negotiated complex restoration and conservation projects as the director of the Clark Fork Coalition in Missoula. Most recently, I served with Tracy as a member of a stakeholder-driven council writing a climate plan for Montana. I know Tracy to be honest, straightforward, and respectful. She listens to all opinions and has the experience needed to tackle the complex issues that face the Bureau of Land Management. Tracy can bring diverse groups of people together, understands the importance of meaningful collaboration, and has deep experience with public lands and waters. She will be a crucial leader and partner for rural and tribal communities in the West. Tracy Stone-Manning is the right person for the job, and I look forward to the full Senate vote and to continue working with her on these difficult issues once she is confirmed.

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