STATEMENT: Continuing Resolution Shows That the Congressional Majority’s Priorities Are Crystal Clear, Says CAP’s Neera Tanden

Washington, D.C. — Neera Tanden, president and CEO of the Center for American Progress, released the following statement today on the continuing resolution passed tonight by the U.S. House of Representatives:

The congressional majority has made its priorities crystal clear. It moved heaven and earth to ram through massive tax cuts for wealthy corporations, millionaires, and billionaires before its thin Senate majority shrank by one, but it could not find the time to meaningfully extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan—or to protect Dreamers, 3,400 more of whom will lose DACA protections during the four weeks this continuing resolution will run. And while congressional Republican leadership has talked about the need to cut programs such as Medicare and Medicaid that millions of Americans depend on, it slipped into this bill a provision to ignore the budgetary impact of $1.5 trillion in giveaways to their rich donors. It’s clear that the majority thinks spending on themselves and their friends is fine but that spending money to help the middle class is a problem.

The majority party controls the White House, the Senate, and the House and yet is somehow unable to fund its own government on anything resembling a long-term basis. This spending bill is nothing short of an abject failure by the majority party to provide stability or to protect hardworking families across this country.

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