STATEMENT: CAP President Neera Tanden and CAP Action President Ted Strickland on the Situation in Ferguson, Missouri

Today, CAP President Neera Tanden and CAP Action President Ted Strickland released the following statement on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

The scenes from Ferguson this week have been horrifying and heartbreaking. A young man was violently taken from his family and community last Saturday, leaving behind unanswered questions and grief. Since then, we have failed to move toward healing and understanding, instead disintegrating into violence and suppression. Today, an American community looks like a militarized war zone. These images and these actions do not represent an America of freedom and opportunity.

After nearly a week, state leaders in Missouri must actively address the situation and prepare to engage federal intervention on the ground if needed. Gov. Jay Nixon (D) and local law enforcement must complete a transparent investigation that explains why police shot an unarmed young adult and why information is being withheld from the public and work to earn the trust of the community.

Our call should be to find unity, which cannot be attained through violence and separation or through oppression and secrecy. Our communities thrive when there is trust, respect, and cooperation between law enforcement and those they have sworn to serve and protect. We need strong leaders and strong communities to face our challenges together, peacefully, in a way that respects all Americans.

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