STATEMENT: Carmel Martin on Gov. Jindal’s Attempt to Drop the Common Core Standards

Washington D.C. – Center for American Progress Executive Vice President for Policy Carmel Martin released the following statement reacting to the news that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) issued executive orders to withdraw from the Common Core State Standards:

Gov. Jindal’s unilateral attempt to drop the Common Core State Standards is another result of Tea Party tactics focused on political gain at the expense of student achievement. Students in Louisiana today score among the lowest in the nation. Gov. Jindal once supported the standards because he knew that they would help make sure kids in his state were able to receive the same educational opportunities as students across the nation. Today, he decided to act alone in direct opposition to Louisiana’s legislature, the state superintendent, and state board of education. His sudden change of heart is especially disappointing given the backing from a broad bipartisan coalition of teachers, parents, the civil rights community, business organizations, and military leaders.

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