STATEMENT: CAP’s Korb on Pentagon Decision to Extend Benefits to Same-Sex Military Spouses

Washington, D.C. — Today the Pentagon announced 20 new benefits to be available to gay service members and their families. In response the Center for American Progress released the following statement from Senior Fellow Lawrence J. Korb:

The Pentagon’s announcement today that it would extend a number of benefits to same-sex military spouses sends a clear message to the country, to Congress, and to the Supreme Court: There is no room for discrimination in our armed forces. Military officials have stated time and time again that inequality harms our troops and military readiness, and today the Pentagon has demonstrated its firm belief in this principle. As long as the Defense of Marriage Act remains law, however, the military will have no choice but to deny full benefits to same-sex military spouses, essentially treating these families as second class and thereby compromising military readiness.

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