STATEMENT: CAP’s Vanessa Cardenas on the Census’s New Announcement that Children Under Age 1 Are Minorities, Changing Demographics Evident

Washington, D.C. — Today the Census Bureau announced that most children under age 1 are minorities. Vanessa Cardenas, Director of Progress 2050, issued the following statement:

Today’s news on the Census numbers confirms what we known for a while: In the next few decades, there will not be an ethnic majority in our nation. The burning questions for us now are how well we are preparing and educating the next generation of Americans, and whether as a nation we will have the courage to make the necessary decisions today to ensure the wellbeing of our collective future. The success of children of color needs to be at the top of our list.

The new numbers also require us to pause and reflect about what kind of country we want to be 20, 30 years from now and are an urgent call for us to address the education, health care, and economic disparities that plague the communities that are growing the most. If we are successful in giving them the tools they need, the United States will be poised to be more innovative and more competitive in an increasingly globalized economy.

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