STATEMENT: September’s Tepid Job Growth Highlights Urgency of Job Creation Policies

Washington, D.C.—Today, Adam Hersh, Economist at the Center for American Progress, had the following reaction to the announcement of September’s unemployment figures:

Let’s hope today’s still weak jobs numbers finally prod Washington to take action. Adjusting the jobs numbers for the 45,000 striking Verizon workers returning to work last month, September marked another month of tepid employment growth amid political obstructionism, state and local government retrenchments, and mounting global economic risks. Hints of silver linings in leading indicators such as temporary hiring and work hours are scant.

The economy needs short-run fiscal demand and job creation policies, and it needs them now. Yet at every step, the right policy choices are being held hostage to political demands for more tax privileges for America’s wealthiest and for dismantling economically important social safety nets.

Inaction today jeopardizes U.S. national economic competitiveness and undermines opportunities for America’s middle class–the other 99 percent at the core of our sustainable economic development.

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