Statement: John Podesta on White House Meeting on Immigration

Statement: John Podesta on White House Meeting on Immigration

Washington, DC— The meeting held today at the White House today signals the beginning of what we hope is a full-fledged effort to make immigration reform a reality. President Barack Obama should be commended for moving the ball forward on this issue despite the naysayers who say that it can’t be done.

As a nation, we can no longer afford to avoid the pressing issues facing us—be it healthcare, energy or immigration reform. For far too long, we have avoided making tough choices by blaming legislative inertia on partisan gridlock. Americans won’t tolerate excuses any longer. They voted for change and they want their leaders to solve tough problems, not kick them down the road.

Immigration reform is a central piece of the puzzle and it impacts nearly every major policy challenge confronting the nation. It is urgent that we advance the nation’s interests by passing tough, fair, and practical immigration reform. What Americans want are realistic, common-sense solutions that will advance our economic recovery by increasing tax revenues, enforcing labor standards, lifting wages and leveling the playing field for all workers.

We look forward to working with the president and leaders in Congress from both sides of the aisle to enact immigration reform.

John Podesta is the President and CEO of the Center for American Progress.

For more information see CAP’s Principles for Immigration Reform.