RELEASE: Kosovo-Serbia Peace Talks at White House Should Not Cut Out European Union, CAP Column Says

Washington, D.C. — The White House will host peace talks next weekend with leaders from Kosovo and Serbia, but a new column from the Center for American Progress warns that cutting out the European Union from the process could sacrifice the region’s long-term stability.

The White House’s robust effort seems to have one end goal: to get President Donald Trump a diplomatic win in a pivotal year that could be an example of his administration’s commitment to ending long-standing conflicts around the world. While making progress toward resolving a decades-old conflict should be welcomed, Trump’s desire for a political win should not come at the expense of the substance of the deal.

“A quick deal that ignores the European Union’s concerns may result in a short-lived diplomatic win, but ultimately it would be hollow,” said Max Bergmann, a senior fellow at CAP and co-author of the column.

The column argues that any deal needs to be based around ensuring the territorial integrity of each state and preserving democratic institutions. Attempts to circumvent the European Union that are intended to push through a deal that includes a land swap would be troubling and potentially destabilizing. Policymakers should be cautious about any deal coming forward, especially if it has been reached without the European Union.

Read the column: “Any Kosovo-Serbia Deal Needs the European Union” by Siena Cicarelli, Max Bergmann, James Lamond

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