RELEASE: New Interactive Will Catalog 365 Ways Trump’s Racism Harms People of Color

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Center for American Progress’ Race and Ethnicity Policy team released a new interactive that will illustrate 365 ways that the Trump administration is actively harming people of color.

Each week for the next year, CAP will publish seven instances of the Trump administration’s policies and practices that are directly harming people of color. You can follow these harms on the @CAPTalksRace Twitter account. The catalogued harms will showcase the effects of these policies over the Trump administration’s tenure.

“We are launching this yearlong project to bear witness and highlight the hundreds of ways that the Trump administration systematically and disproportionately has harmed and continues to harm people of color,” said Danyelle Solomon, vice president of Race and Ethnicity Policy at CAP. “What cannot be forgotten is that this administration’s policies and practices have very real consequences for millions of people in this country, affecting their health, physical safety, and ability to thrive.”

View the interactive: “365 Harms: The Trump Administration’s Record on People of Color” by Abril Castro

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